To achieve the highest standards in marketing and maintain a strong level of professionalism while achieving and exceeding our national clients’ expectations. To be the leading marketing firm in the outsourced arena. To remain current, dynamic, fresh and unique while achieving our goals. To ensure that each person involved with Evaton Marketing has the opportunity and understanding of their potential for self progression and growth.

Integrity – By encouraging to be open and honest, taking responsibility for commitments to customers and clients we will inspire trust because we act ethical and honest at all times.

Our People – Our company is successful because of the talent and commitment of our people. We work hard together to achieve common goals, by listening to each other attentively and with an open mind. We expect a great deal from all concerned because our customers have high expectations of our company.

Innovative – The marketing world is diversifying every day so we use our experience, imagination and passion - proactively when planning our communications strategies.



Evaton is one of the fastest growing marketing companies in Ontario. We work with clients on effective and innovative marketing strategies. We adjust to the demands of the customer and are always looking for ways to best serve our clients. Our proven sales and marketing training methods provides our clients security through ethical promotion of their product.  We are dedicated to success and we have fun.


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To help grow your business, our carefully selected experts can advise you in in the following areas:
Direct Sales - B2B
We provide professional representation from the ground up. We fully diagnosis your business requirements and provide the best solutions.
Merchant Processing
As technology advances so do the way people accept payments. We offer a wide range of payment solutions in the merchant processing industry.
Business Development
Are you looking to grow your business? We can provide options for new business development to fulfill your needs. Whether it is office growth, sales training or standards; we always set the bar high.

Latest News

We are undergoing a company upgrade. Stay tuned for updates.
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Business Team

Meet the people that are going to take your business to the next level.
Evan Tynedal
Evan Tynedal

(CEO, Founder)

Creative, outgoing and a leader of industry.

Shane Free
Shane Free

(Account Manager)

Serious when it comes to work. Full of personality.

John Chan
John Chan

(Account Manager)

Enthusiastic, professional, detail oriented and organized.

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